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Health Systems Development Group (HSDG) Offers Expert Consulting Services in Health Systems Development.

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  • Health Systems Organisation
  • Decentralized Health Systems
  • Public Private Partnership for Health
  • Many more...

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About Us

Health Systems Development Group (HSDG) offers expert consulting services in health systems development, focusing on countries in the Africa region that have common contexts in terms of health status, need for health systems strengthening and reform while facing resource limitations and substantial external health financing. We are committed to a ‘systems approach’ and working in ways that will promote capacity building among health institutions, knowledge-sharing and translation of successful models in health service delivery ‘to scale’ and across countries.


To provide consulting services in health systems development focusing on:

  • Health systems diagnosis, strengthening and management of reforms.
  • Technical assistance in strategic planning and the sector-wide approach.
  • Provision of expert services in identification, formulation and appraisal missions in the health sector.
  • Assistance in the preparation of technical proposals and funding proposals for health programmes.
  • Capacity building of health institutions and human resources, focused in organisation and management.
  • Operational research geared to improving health service delivery and outcomes.
  • Expertise in planning, monitoring and evaluation of health sector programmes and projects.
  • Resource tracking, costing studies and economic evaluations.
  • Assessments of aid effectiveness.

HSDG was founded in 2006 by a group of like-minded health professionals. The Company is comprised of two directors, a board of six shareholders, and a group of associate consultants. This team offers a broad set of skills and expertise gained from long-term technical assistance and participation in health sector reform and strengthening. HSDG partners with local firms and academic institutions as well as international consulting firms and research organisations. The Company's comparative advantage is a fresh approach to assignments in the health sectors of the Africa region, combining in-depth knowledge and understanding of the local setting with a wider perspective and analysis of the global context.

HSDG is registered as a company in Uganda and has an office in Kampala. For location, e-mail and telephone details, see